On Tuesdays we wear plaid... Diary of a toddler photo shoot.

Carlee Perugini


One of the most exciting parts in the launch process for Tumble and Roar Apparel was our first official photoshoot. I rallied together a few of my mama-besties who have some of the cutest kidlets around town–I’m not a biased auntie at all!.
We planned the shoot around all of our crazy, kid-filled lives; including stalling a few weeks in order for one of the mamas to give birth to her third beautiful babe! Said babe arrived exactly on his due date; what a sweet gentleman he is!
The shoot

Props were purchased, accessories were in order. Kids arrived at Mode Studios in Pitt Meadows fed, napped, happy and excited to dance around with their bestie friends in this cool locale.

Myself and the wonderful photographer Michelle Cervo came up with a game-plan so to speak of how we would wrangle these monkeys…ahem… children. And we prepared from the get go that this shoot would most likely be a.) chaotic, b.) slightly difficult, c.) L-O-U-D, but most importantly FUN! Us being mamas ourselves were quite aware that we needed to be flexible. After all, our youngest model had just turned one! …Actually, excuse me, our youngest model was technically 10 days old- I couldn’t resist swaddling our newest friend-babe in one of our Tumble tees! #precious
The gameplan

Anywho, back to the game plan. Even though going into the shoot I knew we would have to be easy-going and adjustable, these kids were still able to surprise me! We had moments of complete disarray and chaos, that at the time I grinned, bit my tongue and then usually laughed out loud (because what are you supposed to do when a toddler who is dressed and coiffed perfectly, turns their back to the camera to bend over and show off their cute little denim and diapered bum?!?!)

All being said, as a mama and auntie to these gorgeous kids, it was absolutely incredible to see them dance, run, skip, play and sometimes even smile into the camera, (jokes) in my designs! My head was spinning after this photoshoot, but my heart was very full!

I learned a lot on my first ever toddler photoshoot and the moments that stick out in my head now upon reflection are not the ones that I had scripted out to try and re create; but the ones that happened authentically that turned into pure gold on film! Toddler-hood is energetic, rambunctious and absolutely hilarious if you let it be.

I’m so very grateful for this opportunity to have Tumble and Roar as my little creative outlet and being able to witness some amazing kids strut their stuff in my tees is just the sweetest feeling ever! I cannot wait to share more of this adventure! Come tumble with us! #tumbletribe