No tighty whities here! >the story behind the briefs.

Carlee Perugini

I can’t take full credit for the idea, nor the design of my line of boxer briefs; the credit belongs to my late father in law Carlo- here’s the story:

Carlo, who immigrated to Montreal from Italy in his 20’s got into the textile mill and garment production industry. When I met Carlo in his 50’s, he was semi-retired and had downsized his company substantially, but he still produced humble clothing with his bare hands; mostly women's wear, but he also had success creating and selling men’s boxer briefs. If you are a friend or family member to my husband or I, you have had a pair of ‘Uomo Roma’ boxer briefs in your wardrobe and I bet they were one of your favorite pairs of undies!

One thing that made Carlo’s briefs unique was that he produced outrageous prints and colors alongside his classic colors. (Think hot pink or psychedelic tie dye patterns for men’s underwear). Alongside his line of men’s briefs, Carlo also created tiny, little boy briefs. These miniature briefs were inspired by his first grandson and they were unbelievable cute!

Now, enter me into this boxer-equation: Around the time my baby was turning 1, I started to really dig deep and ask myself what I wanted to do career-wise alongside being a mom to my gorgeous babe. I knew I wouldn’t be returning to my pre-baby career in retail management, so I did some soul searching. I realized that I wanted to take on a dream of mine and launch an apparel company. It was a scary thought to take this leap and jump into a new career and creative outlet, but I felt like it was now or never!
Tumble and Roar Apparel launched in December 2015 with a few t-shirt designs, and now at my 5-month mark I can say I am happy with my progress thus far and super excited for the future of Tumble! My line of baby boxer briefs hit my online store this past month and I am so happy that I made this little dream possible and that Carlo, my beloved father-in-law is the inspiration behind this! The pattern for the briefs comes directly from Carlo’s original men’s boxer pattern and next up is a line of daddy and me/mommy and me matching boxer sets! I cannot wait to start creating these #twinning boxer sets!

Overall, I hope my customers are appreciative of the love and care that goes into these comfy briefs, but most of all I hope I am making my late father in law and family proud <3